Business as usual for Route 28 Diner in South Yarmouth on Christmas

SOUTH YARMOUTH — On a dreary, wet Christmas day, when most shops and businesses had closed for the holiday, it was business as usual at the Route 28 diner, which stayed dry, cozy and bustling as staff served traditional breakfasts, Christmas specials, and “the best coffee on the Cape” as one customer described it. 

Owner Tom Nickinello said that staying open during the holidays “just makes sense.” 

“We haven’t met one person that doesn’t eat on a daily basis, so somebody has to offer up some food, and if it wasn’t us, it would be somebody else, right?” 

Route 28 Diner is a small, retro-themed restaurant. The inside is mostly red, and there is a long white counter that divides the diner into two halves. The diner serves traditional American breakfast, sandwiches, and salads, all at a reasonable price. Unlike many other restaurants, the diner stays open on holidays including  Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas. 

Nickinello said that when his family took over the diner in 2010, they decided to stay open during the holidays to give back to the community and give people an option for food when there weren’t many places open. 

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