Daimler Truck begins trading as standalone business

Today marks the first day Daimler Truck trades on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as a standalone business.

The truck maker says it is the “start of a new era” as it begins its new life being spun out from Daimler AG, and that it is “probably the most important milestone in the company’s history.”

Daimler Truck begins trading as standalone business
Martin Daum leads Daimler Truck into a new chapter as an independent business. (Photo: Screen shot)

“Today is a historic day for Daimler Truck: For 125 years, our truck and bus business was part of the Daimler Group – now we are becoming an independent, listed company. Making this possible organizationally was a tour de force,” said Martin Daum, chairman of the board of management for Daimler Truck.

“My thanks therefore go to our entire team for their unparalleled commitment over the past weeks and months. So in this respect, today is a finish line for us. We have worked hard to get there. However, this 10th of December 2021 is above all the exact opposite, namely a starting line. Because now things are really getting started for Daimler Truck. Now we are looking ahead with courage and confidence. Now we are looking forward to use the creative opportunities as an independent company with our great global team – for even more entrepreneurial success in the future. Everyone should benefit from this – our workforce, our customers and, of course, our shareholders.”

The company says its independent structure will also allow it to accelerate development of battery-electric and fuel-cell-electric trucks, which will account for up to 60% of Daimler Truck’s sales by 2030.