Let the internet deliver these never-too-late gift ideas

It may be too late to shop for Christmas, but you can still give a gift of an electronic gift card or subscription.

So if you missed the big holiday, here are some thoughtful or handy gift subscriptions you can buy that can be delivered electronically. These are solid gifts that can be given all year long.

If you think about it, you’re really helping out the planet by not driving around from store to store. You’re such a good person.


What is it: I’m pretty sure everyone knows that Netflix is the most popular streaming service with more than 213 million subscribers. It’s possible to buy a Netflix gift card for a new or existing Netflix subscriber. You can buy them online and have the gift delivered digitally via email to your recipient.

Netflix has a huge selection of movies and TV shows, including many original series.

Who is it for: Besides my mom, most of the people I know already have a subscription to Netflix. It’s easy for the recipient to redeem the gift card online and the amount of the card will be applied to their Netflix account.

What does it cost: Gift cards start at $25, but they can be as large as you like. Amazon has the most denominations.

Where can I get it: Amazon.com, Bestbuy.com, Target.com

Let the internet deliver these never-too-late gift ideas


What is it: 1Password is a password manager that can help you fill in your login and password information on websites and apps.

You can choose to make up your own passwords, or you can let 1Password make really strong passwords for you.

The beauty of 1Password is you can load it on your Windows or Mac computer, your iOS or Android phone or tablet and all your information is synced in a secure cloud account and synced to all your devices, so if you change a login on your computer, the new information will be ready to use on your phone as well.

Who is it for: I don’t know of anyone who can remember all their various passwords.

What does it cost: Starts at $2.99 a month for a single user. A family five-pack is $4.99 a month. There is a gift card link at the bottom of the home page.

Where can I get it: 1password.com

Malware Bytes
Malware Bytes(Rossman, James)

Malware Bytes

What is it: Apple and Microsoft have really stepped up their antivirus game to the point where many IT professionals don’t recommend a third-party virus suite like they did five years ago.

But there still is an issue with malware, which happens to the best of us. Ever get redirected to a different website when you are typing in a URL or going to a bookmark? That’s malware. Sometimes you’ll click on a link that asks to install a browser extension.

Those extensions can start popping up ads you aren’t expecting or change your default search engine. To fix these types of things, I love Malware Bytes.

Who is it for: This is for anyone who uses a computer (especially Windows).

What does it cost: Malware Bytes has a subscription model that provides constant protection for $1.99 a month for a single license. You can also download a free version that you can run only when it’s needed and then uninstall it.

Where can I get it: Malwarebytes.com

Spotify and Apple Music
Spotify and Apple Music

Spotify or Apple Music

What is it: I lumped these two together because they are the largest music subscription services and provide similar music libraries and experiences.

Spotify has a lot more subscribers, but Apple Music is popular with Apple device owners.

Unlike less expensive services like Pandora, these services let users play any song or album like it’s on-demand, even playing it over and over.

Both Spotify and Apple Music let subscribers download music to their computers or portable devices for offline listening.

These services are great for people who love new music, with new albums added as they are released, meaning you have instant access the day a song drops. There are apps available for most devices or computers.

Who is it for: Everyone loves music.

What does it cost: Each costs about $10 a month for a single user. There are discounts for students or families.

Where can I get it: Spotify.com; Apple.com/music

Audible Gift Card
Audible Gift Card


What is it: This is an Amazon-owned subscription service for audio books.

This is a bit different from music subscription services. With Audible, there is a base subscription that includes the Audible Plus collection, which contains thousands of books and podcasts.

On top of the base subscription, you can upgrade to the Premium Plus plans that include one or two premium titles a month that aren’t part of the Plus catalog.

Audible books can be downloaded to your Kindle, Kindle Fire, iPad or iPhone, Android tablet or phone, Windows or Mac computer and more. Consult the Audible website for all the supported devices.

Books will stay on your device as long as you are a subscriber.

Who is it for: For the readers on your list. We all know them.

What does it cost: The Plus catalog is $7.99 a month. Premium Plus plans start at $14.99 a month.

Where can I get it: Audible.com

Master Class Gift Card
Master Class Gift Card

Master Class

What is it: Did you ever wish you could learn comedy from Steve Martin? How about learning to cook from Gordon Ramsay? Or if you’re like me, you can learn the art of smoking meat from Aaron Franklin, owner and pitmaster of Franklin BBQ in Austin.

Master Class offers video lessons from the best of the best in every category, including Neil deGrasse Tyson, ex-presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Ringo Starr, Yo-Yo Ma, Alice Waters, David Sedaris and a hundred more.

Each class has about 20 video lessons, each about 10 minutes long.

You have access to all the videos for as long as you are a subscriber.

Who is it for: Anyone who has a thirst for learning.

What does it cost: Plans start at $15 a month (billed annually). Master Class is offering buy one subscription, get one subscription to gift.

Where can I get it: Masterclass.com