Why a healthy lifestyle helps you trade better

Why a healthy lifestyle helps you trade better

It is no secret that in today’s world, with the introduction and popularity of all things like smartphones and fast food, people, in general, are becoming less healthy. However, trading demands a certain level of health- not necessarily to be ripped or look good naked (though this would certainly help), but because trading requires your mental capacity to be at its best.

Think about it: you need to make decisions based on what other people are doing, where the market may go next, and then act upon those decisions by putting your money on them. If you’re feeling hungry or tired or sick – how well do you think that will go? Not very.

Many traders already know this deep down; others still think they can keep getting away with it. They feel that because they’re still able to make money, even while not physically at their peak state, they should be able to continue on the same path- and eventually get burnt out or sick.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages a healthy lifestyle gives you as a trader:

  • Your energy levels will be higher. It means you’ll have more brain power for your decisions, and won’t get tired from sitting in front of your computer for hours on end. It also means that when looking for other things to do other than trading, you’ll likely find yourself opting for something less strenuous- like going to bed early. If you find out you’re tired at the wrong time, it might be best to go to bed.
  • Your mental function will be higher. Want to know why many traders lose money even though they hit their targets? It’s because they make stupid decisions regarding where their stop losses should be. They may know that if X happens, then Y will happen- but stress and fear cloud their judgement, and all of a sudden they’re glued to the screen, watching their trade spiral away from them. By making healthier lifestyle choices, you’ll naturally increase your ability to think straight- which means you won’t overtrade or panic so quickly in general.
  • You’ll have more energy for other parts of life- like hanging out with friends and family. We all lead stressful lives, so trading is a form of escapism. But if you have no energy because you’re constantly stressed or busy from work or other activities, how do you think that will affect your trading?
  • You’ll be less inclined to over-eat. It means you’ll naturally eat better as well, since sugary snacks and processed food will be less appealing. If you find yourself getting hungry during the day, reach for that piece of fruit instead of a bagel with cream cheese. It may not be as tasty as it usually would because your taste buds are different- but it’s certainly much better for your body in general!
  • Your skin, hair, and nails will be healthier. Not much explanation is needed here- when you look good on the outside, you feel good on the inside. If your clients see you looking dishevelled or unhealthy, they’re going to lose trust in your ability as a trader.
  • Your immune system will get stronger. How many times have you gotten sick right after a long losing streak? Getting sick not only makes it harder for you to trade (you’ll likely miss out on crucial opportunities), but it also decreases your mental capacity for trading- simply because you don’t feel well. When your immune system gets stronger though, this won’t happen!
  • You’ll be more productive during other parts of life. If you usually go to the gym at night after work, and take care of your health while getting a good workout, you’ll feel so much better about yourself. You’ll have more energy while at work or school, and you won’t be as stressed. It’s a win-win if ever there was one!

Bottom line

Taking great care of yourself physically will rub off on other areas of your life- like trading, check over here to find out more.