Working to Increase the Percentage of Businesses That Thrive

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2022 / It takes a lot of drive and vision to become an entrepreneur and perhaps a touch of courage as well. When you think about it, you are basically leaving behind the security of a guaranteed paycheck, no matter how small it may be, and choosing to strike out on your own to see what you can do in the business world. America is a country that is full of this entrepreneurial spirit, with 62% of us having considered owning our own businesses and 44% of economic activity coming from small businesses. If we are so driven to be business leaders, why do we face the reality that the failure rate of startups is roughly 90%? Why does there appear to be a gap between what we envision accomplishing and what is actually achieved? Real Biz Game, founded by “Big Al,” believes that the problem is fundamental: entrepreneurs do not understand how to set up their businesses and then manage them effectively. The solution, the company says, lies in providing leaders with the tools and information they need in order to create a solid foundation from which their businesses can operate.

Working to Increase the Percentage of Businesses That Thrive

The Problems Faced By Entrepreneurs When Starting Their Companies

Establishing a business that will thrive during the inevitable ups and downs to come is difficult. Whether new owners aspire to have a small store or a franchise, they must create viable business plans, obtain licensing, secure loans, research the market to compare their ideas with their competitors’ products or services, understand the demographics of their ideal customers, and have a solid understanding of pricing, supply, demand, marketing, and the economy. This knowledge is often attained through college courses.

While highly successful people like Steve Jobs did not graduate from college, it is generally accepted that a university education can prepare you for the business world and that a lack of business knowledge can lead to the failure of a company. Given that this is true, this leaves a significant portion of the American population at a potential disadvantage, as in 2019, only 29% of African Americans 25 and older had a bachelor’s degree or higher. At 21%, Latinos/Hispanics fared even worse. Business education, as Real Biz Game says, could be the key to helping entrepreneurs establish viable companies that thrive.

How Real Biz Game Is Working to Provide Business Education to Entrepreneurs

Big Al says, “We want to give new business owners the tips and strategies that other successful entrepreneurs have used to grow their companies. No matter their aspirations or goals, there are fundamental principles each person must know in order to build a strong company, and we focus on getting that knowledge to as many people as we can.”

To accomplish this, Real Biz Game created a free introductory business course that helps entrepreneurs to understand the fundamentals of running a business. The company says, “We focus on explaining the regulations they must follow, the ins and outs of getting small business loans, and the creation of good business plans. We have seen that this helps entrepreneurs to create a firmer footing for their businesses and get them off on the right track.”

Real Biz Game states that a new business owner often struggles to foresee the steps needed in order to take their company from its inception to its introduction to the public. “To overcome this, we help them to create action plans that are based on two things: where the company currently is in its growth and where the owner wants to take it. We assist entrepreneurs with visualizing the steps needed to accomplish their goals and help them to take realistic action.”

Real Biz Game also offers a 60-day mentorship so that new entrepreneurs can be guided through their business’ journey. “People often have many questions about the best path to take as well as how to market their product or how to forecast and achieve profits,” the company explains. “We have found that by having a business professional to guide them, they can avoid some of the traps that sink new companies.”

While Real Biz Game works to educate business owners in any industry, they are working with the comedian Special K to help those who want to run businesses in cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the metaverse. “Special K, as you know, is the man behind Black Tony,” the company says. “Black Tony often goes off the rails with his life, but as he gets his life back together, he will be passing on our advice about starting businesses as well as teaching listeners about NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the metaverse so that they will feel more comfortable with this technology and be encouraged to start their own companies in these industries.”

About Big Al and Real Biz Game

Big Al founded Real Biz Game after spending years helping entrepreneurs, social media influencers, and major figures in the sports, entertainment, and music industries to start and successfully run their businesses. His desire was to pass on his insider knowledge to more people so that they could reach their financial goals. “It is practical knowledge that translates into specific action steps,” he explains. “That leads to fewer bumps in the road. What I value most about my company is that we do not drop anyone’s hand – instead, we stay with them as they learn what it takes to run a business effectively.”

The Takeaway for Entrepreneurs

While there are numerous factors that affect how successful a company becomes, a lack of practical business knowledge can contribute to its failure. With Real Biz Game, entrepreneurs now have access to tips and strategies that can fill in any gaps of knowledge and help them to gain momentum as they launch their businesses.

For more information on how Real Biz Game can help you to run your company more efficiently and effectively, please email Big Al at [email protected] or call 1-800-471-5284.

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